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We are a unique Type of Communication Business.

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We Raise Organizations by Supporting Them, Support Others

Our Belief and Work

At Live Support, we feel that excellent communication and knowledge is the first step towards every meaningful connection we have throughout our lives. This thought extends to the companies that people communicate with every day. We specialize in developing softwares which enables firms to establish that kind of bonds.

We would like every client communication to get as crucial as the one right before him. To achieve that, we make experiences which are fun, friendly, and simple to utilize.

Our Strategy

We'd like all businesses to find out the power of live chat.


We meticulously developed Live Support Chat imagining areas beyond the assistance specialist. We’re keen to assist marketers, product managers, and various stakeholders within the company to engage in the client interaction phase. After a good look at work productivity, we’re attaching chat to other apps and delivering a sharp user interface to give an enjoyable experience each time you utilize it.

Designed For extensibility

We feel live chat will quickly get to be the most popular channel for customer support and interaction with both customers and organizations. We thought to develop a system that can function very successfully at scale and is capable enough to create a disruption of the business model. We’re thrilled to offer countless chats moving forward.

Our Expertise

As a growing service-desk company, we’ve worked directly with numerous businesses to fix their support desk and client service requirements. And we’ve observed live chat come up among the most critical channels. By combining all our learnings, we decided to resolve the issue differently, challenging the established order. Live Support is definitely a proof of this.

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Find out What Our Customers Think About Us

Since implementing LiveSupport chat and texting, our conversions have increased and our cart abandonment rate has gone down.

Jennifer Conly

We now get more customers during the sales process, and less emails through out ticketing software.

Ryan Locklin

Since our product is such a large purchase, the texting option allows our customers ongoing conversations with our agents and really makes them comfortable and confident in their purchase.

Evan Palopus

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