Create Departments

You must create at least one department on before you can add your agents.
If you are a small business and want all chats to be distributed to all agents evenly, then one department is all you need. In advanced settings, you also have the option to allow the customer to see the agent’s department name, so choose carefully.
If you are a larger business, or have multiple skill levels of your agents, you will want to create separate departments. In your settings, you will then choose “skill based routing” to distribute your chats to agents based on skills. Skills are really URL’s mapped to each department.
If you select to use skill based routing, chats to agents will be distributed based on the URL their departments are assigned to and will only be distributed evenly with other agents sharing the same department.

create department

First, click on “Configuration” then “Department” and finally “Add”
Type in the department name, and the sort order. You can update the sort order at any time and it is only used for the order that the departments are displayed here after they are created.