Creating Agents

After you have created your departments and mapped each department to a URL on your site, you can now begin creating your agents.
You can create as many agents as you want, when you select your plan you will select how many agents can be logged in at the same time.

creating agents

Select “Configuration” from the left menu, then Agent from the top menu.  Finally, click Add.

created your departments

Enter the agents first and last name.  Only first name is required, last name can be left blank if you choose, and email address.

Select a department to assign this agent.  The department is used for skill based routing, and can be viewed by the customer on the chat box based on a setting.

You can also add an agent image here.  The agents will also be able to add or change their image in their own personal settings.  The manager’s settings determine if the customer can see the agent’s uploaded image, a standard character, or no image.

Submit the form and repeat for all agents needed.

Now that your departments are created, URLs mapped for each department, and Agents created – you can now begin chatting.  Of course there are more advanced features and settings that can be customized but these three steps are the only requirements for an agent to begin taking chats.