Designing your chat button

You can customize the look of the chat button at any time, and the updates are instantly updated on your website.
The first step in designing the chat button is in the “Chat Design” tab.  This is how the chat button will look when your site is first loaded.
You can view any changes made in the preview box as they are made to ensure the button looks exactly as it should.

live support chat

Select the color of the background of the button, if the button should be rounded or squared edges, and the icon that displays on the button, and if the button should display on the left or right side of the website.
The next setting is if you would like the chat box that the customer sees to have a background pattern.  The default setting is a simple plain white background.
At the bottom of this screen, there is code for a text online link.  This code should be used in a menu or as a hyperlink anywhere on the site that a text link should open up the LiveSupport chat box in a new tab.  This is especially useful for sites that do not want the chat bubble button to appear on all pages but still want to offer live chat support.

live chat url

Next, click on the tab that says “When Operators are Online” to change the settings and display for when live support chat is available.

When Operators are Online

The “When Operators are Offline” and “Contact Form” tabs and settings go together.  In the Account Settings, there are options on how to handle customer requests when agents are not online.  There are a few options:
The button can be completely hidden when agents are all offline. This option is in the Settings and if turned on, nothing needs to be done on the “When Operators are Offline” and “Contact Form” tabs.
Chat requests can be shown a message that no agents are available. This message can be customized in the “When Operators are Offline” tab. This message will be displayed if the “Allow Contact Form” setting is turned OFF in the settings. You must hit the save button on this page for changes to take affect.

Allow contact form

3.  Chat requests can be shown a contact form.  The settings for this contact form can be made in the “Contact Form” tab and requests an email address that the completed forms be sent to.  Please be sure to add to your safe senders list to ensure these messages are not sent to your junk folder!  To use the contact form, select the “Allow Contact Form” setting to On in Settings.
To edit the contact form, complete the fields and view the live updates on the right. Change the field names that will be displayed on the form, and toggle if the field should be mandatory or not. Remove the field name and mark as not mandatory for the field to be omitted from the contact form. All changes to the contact form are saved immediately, there is no need to hit a save button on this page.

Allow contact form