Map Departments

After creating your department, you must map the departments to URLs.
Mapping the department to URL just tells the software which agents it should send the chat request to based on which URL the chat is initiated on.  This is only used if you have selected “Skill Based Routing” in the Account Settings.
If you plan on using Queue Based routing and only having one department, just put your root domain URL in these fields.
If you plan on using Skill Based Routing, use the root domain for your main department, such as Customer Service.  Then list the specific URLs that should be diverted to a different department.  Any department that does not have a URL mapped here will only be able to receive chats that are transferred from other agents.  This can be a useful tactic if you have multiple levels of customer support and create an escalations department.

map department URL

Once you have added a department and Map URL, you can begin creating your agents.