Got Questions? Here are the answers.

We have collected the answers to the commonly asked questions by our customers.

What is Live Support Messenger app?

Live Support is a texting app built to improve your business by letting you become more reachable, friendly, and unforgettable.

Who will benefit from Live Support Messenger?

Live Support helps today’s businesses who are seeking to engage with their clients by connecting with them the way they like.

Where do you use it?

Live Support helps today’s businesses who are seeking to engage with their clients by connecting with them the way they like.

How can Live Support assist my organization?

Texting ranked as the #1 favorite communication route for clients to interact with organizations. In fact, recent reports have demonstrated that 9 out of 10 customers wish for the capability to message a company. Live Support gets your company text messaging fully ready within a few moments. When you join, you’ll receive the best channels you have to connect and convert more consumers, all while providing you with a simple place to deal with it.

Can my clients discuss with me via Texting? How does that work?

Yes, it’s quite remarkable. When your website visitors start a chat with you on your site, they’ll have the choice to move the conversation to a cell phone. All they need to do is enter their contact number and confirm that they would prefer to receive texts from you on their mobile phone. Whenever you respond or follow up, they would get those communications in texting. After that, they would be able to continue chatting within the text message thread.

How do I integrate Live Support into my website?

Once you sign up with Live Support, our team will assist you with the entire process. When you sign in to your dashboard, you will see your code snippet inside your settings. After that, it will be possible to email the code snippet to your developer to enable them paste it into the code of your website.See More about Installation Here

How do I handle my chats?

We simplify the process to manage your entire chat conversations whenever you download Live Support’s apps (iOS and Android). It’s also possible to receive notifications instantly to your mobile phone, so you’ll find out about anyone who is trying to reach you even if you’re not online. See read more about mobile solutions.

Can my customers contact me directly through a text message?

Yes, they can. Live Support offers your business with a dedicated contact number which allows any client to send a text message to your company. You’ll have the ability to take care of all this effortlessly using your dashboard.

Am I Allowed To modify the widget on my site?

Definitely! You’ll be able to change the color of your widget, and also the greeting text inside the settings on your dashboard. See more details on customization here

How is Live Support superior to other chats?

Through your Live Support Dashboard, you’ll easily control chats taking place on every one of the channels via our app. Your business can answer if you are at the desk or on-the-go and receive push notifications which means you never miss a message.

What differentiates Live Support from alternative live chat providers?

Our approach is a little different. We feel that although “live chat” is critical, it’s one among the messaging channels your company requires. Live Support gives you live chat functionality and text integrations.

What is the price of Live Support?

Take a look at our pricing page here to find out about our pricing.