Technology is an area that’s almost impossible to keep up with given how fast it moves. As soon as something comes out, another idea or concept appears on the horizon. If you hope to stay on top of the competition and successful, you’ll need to embrace change. Here are five tech trends taking over in 2018.

Live chat

People don’t have the time or patience to call customer support, to sit on hold waiting to talk to someone after pressing five different buttons to reach the right department. Live chat allows customers to get instant answers to their questions with an individualized approach that makes them feel as if they matter and aren’t just another account number. Technology also allows for automation with the chat to answer simple questions that don’t need the individual attention of an agent, giving representatives more time to focus on individual issues that a database can’t address.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence gets smarter every day as algorithms incorporate more human information. AI is present in apps, devices, and new products coming to the market with no signs of slowing down. Embrace it and take advantage of the capabilities AI can offer you and your business.

The BYOD Trend

BYOD—or bring your own device—is hitting the scene in a big way. The rise in “smart” everything has opened the door to mobile-integrated technology. Most especially, the trend is swelling among businesses that allow consumers guest access to their networks. This means that individuals can bring their own devices and connect them over an organization’s network or system in order to accomplish technological tasks (like printing, for example). BYOD capabilities are a boon for IT workers, who have less to do because they don’t have to assist customers with guest devices provided by the business.   

Data collection

Information is powerful. Companies realize this and the explosion of technology has made it even more important to know your customers and appeal to them through advertising and other means. Consumers rely on their phones, smart speakers, voice assistants, and digital content to satisfy their needs. Having access to more information allows for personalized ads and services and stronger algorithms, but at the cost of individual privacy. Knowing more information about your customers enables you to tailor products and services to their individual needs for a personalized approach.

Changes in user interface

Change is constant. It’s necessary to stay up-to-date, and this includes appearances. Changing services and offering new products can aid in success, but visitors want a user-friendly interface to interact with when they access your content. The desktop generation is quickly fading away in favor of mobile and voice-activated technology. If your site isn’t friendly to the mobile market, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and giving your competition an edge.

Mobile Financial Services

Most people are immersed in their phones these days and the method of making payments for things they buy has become more digital. It is a growing trend to have “wallets” on phones that can quickly pay for a purchase at a cash register without having to use a physical card or cash. Technologies for businesses have had to evolve to keep up. Mobile financial services such as text payment systems and invoiceing services allow businesses to send personal text reminders of an unpaid balance along with secure invoices directly to customers’ phones. Through the reminders, customers can make payments. Businesses get paid faster with this innovative technology and they are able to reduce some of the costs of their billing department since they don’t have to chase down payments as often.

Technology is something that changes from one day to the next, and it becomes outdated very quickly. A concept that is new and fresh may become obsolete in a few short months. Stay on top of new developments in technology and implement them into your business model to stay relevant. Work smarter with the tools available to you and harness what new developments and resources can do to simplify your business practices.


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