Almost every business struggles with two huge problems affecting their bottom line. The first is constantly having to hire and train new employees, and the second is figuring out how to raise productivity. These are both extremely true in the customer service business. It can be hard to find good customer service employees, and even harder to keep them for more than a couple months. If you are struggling with either one or both of these challenges, then here is some friendly advice that you may want to implement.


Creating the right company atmosphere can greatly impact company morale helping to reduce turnover rates and absenteeism. Start each day by finding a way to let your employees know how much you value their contribution to your organization. Always have an open-door policy allowing employees to come to you with their ideas on how you can make the workplace better. A great way to facilitate open communication is by implementing a gemba strategy, which involves supervisors spending time on the work floor interacting with employees and gathering first-hand information on business processes. After all, most great ideas start at the bottom and work their way up the chain of command. Give your employees the tools that they need to complete jobs easily. Think about presenting each employee with the tasks that they need to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. Then, give them the time and flexibility to complete those tasks. Implement an attitude of servant leadership in your organization requiring managers to work beside employees who may be struggling to complete certain tasks.


Increase in Productivity

When employees realize that you care about them as individuals, then they bring their best attitudes to work. They also recommend employees to you who will help make your organization even stronger. Think about hosting activities at work that employees will consider fun or that will help them learn something new. Often times, bringing in outside speakers helps build morale. Encourage employees to have fun and laugh occasionally, even if it is at your expense. Think about creating incentive plans with prizes that will help employees realize how much you truly value their productivity. You may also want to host fun team-building events allowing employees to learn more about other people who work for your company. Every member of your team should be productive. If you find someone who is not being productive, then address the problem swiftly before it spreads across your organization.



Pre-Employment Assessments

Finding the right employees is the first crucial step, and you should always hire for attitude because you can always teach any missing skills. The right employees will quickly put a productive structure into place within your company. Pre-employment assessments are a more effective way to judge potential employees’ strengths and abilities. Asking at least one behavioral question during the interview may help you identify candidates who have a positive attitude. Another technique that you may want to use is to create a problem that candidates need to solve before you hire them. Think about how the top two or three candidates fit in with your current company culture so that you can choose the one appearing to be the best match.



Use these three ideas to reduce turnover while raising productivity at your company. When you do, your company’s profits are sure to rise.

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