Good customer service is and always will be the key to any business’s success. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer, and a loyal customer is one that consistently comes back to your products or services. With the advent of technology, new avenues of customer service have opened up. If you’ve been struggling with how to improve your customer service, below you can find three key pieces of technology that can keep both you and your customers happy.

Live Chat With Customers

Live chat is a technology that allows you to respond directly to your customer through a chat box on your website. This chat box allows your customer to ask questions about your products and services and then get an answer right away, unlike traditional email or even social media. What that means for you is that your customer is more likely to make a purchasing decision right away. Live chats also allow you to gain important feedback from customers and build a trusted relationship from them. Overall, people are more likely to give you their business, if they feel that personal touch. A live chat interaction gives a customer personal attention that usually will turn into sales.


Address Verification

There’s nothing that a customer hates more than problems with shipping. A bad experience with a delivery will dissuade them from coming back to you. One way to make sure deliveries are smooth and seamless is address verification, which is a way for you double check the address the customer inputs to make sure that it is correct. Address verification is unique in the way it works because it is able to find the address and verify the name of the person actually living at that address so there aren’t any mix-ups.


Mobile Accessibility

We live in a mobile, on-the-go world, which means that your customer will often access your website through mobile means. When building your website, you will want to make sure that it functions on mobile devices with no glitches or weird formatting. If your website isn’t easy to navigate, a customer will give up and go elsewhere. Investing in developing an app is another way to go. An app will allow your customer to shop easily, find information, and interact with you with ease.


Customer service has never been more innovative than it is today. With technology, you can tailor your customer service to improve in a way that’s to everyone’s benefit.

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