No matter the industry, providing excellent customer service is invaluable. Knowing what to say to each customer in each circumstance is extremely important. It behooves each company that provides technical customer support to have a cornerstone series of responses that guide good business practice. Below we outline 10 phrases that can be utilized by a wide array of customer support services.

Whether your customer support is voice or through emails, it comes down to providing excellent customer support. It is crucial for each company that provides technical customer support to be on top of their game. That means having a well-trained staff that has the expertise in both the art and technical know-how of communicating the good, bad and the ugly of customer inquiries. Keeping customer support skills sharpened and always improving is key to providing excellent customer support. – American Express

The ten phrases that improve every customer support interaction are:

1. “I’d be happy to assist you with this.”
When beginning an interaction like this, it acknowledges the customer’s problem and evokes an uplifting mood. –

2. “I’ll resolve that for you right away.”
Speed is everything, especially when a customer is requesting something that is time sensitive. When you respond quickly, they are satisfied and will recommend your brand. –

3. “I would feel the same in your situation, but we will sort this out.”
Empathy statements allow you to establish a connection with the person you are communicating with. These statements create trust and mutual understanding, which can bring great benefits to customer support interactions. –

4. “I’ll keep you updated.”
“Let your customer know what you are working on and how things are progressing, this gives them reinforcement that they’re involved. You must bring your customer up to date always.”

5. “Thank you very much for alerting us about this.”
Highlighting that your company appreciates feedback while alluding to the notion that you’d like to act on it, demonstrates your will to relieve them of any future hassle.

6. I’m sorry.”
“Contrition is almost always a good thing. Customers always value apologies. Too many apologies can become an irritant when used for things that go wrong frequently. Apologize once and ensure that the same problem won’t happen again.” -American Express

7. “That’s a good question, let me find out for you.”
“This keeps the focus on getting the correct answer to the inquiry.” –

8. “Thank you for your time and patience today.”
“Recognizing that the call has consumed some of the customer’s time this can be a good addition to the conversation, so the customer feels valued and acknowledged.”

9. “Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.”
”This is a way of saying that it would be a pleasure to assist the customer with any remaining concerns or questions they still have” –

10. “Thank you for your business.”
“Say thank you at all times for your customer’s patronage. Never feel above being thankful. After all you are in business because of them.” –

Using these phrases helps customer support find the best solution for each inquiry quickly, correctly with a positive and helpful attitude.

Remember, competition is only a click away.

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