Why Text Message Customer Support is Necessary

Before we discuss why text messaging for customer support is necessary, let’s take in some statistics that speak for themselves:

Text Message Statistics

1. 2/3 of Americans have a smartphone or tablet.
2. 90% of adults own a cell phone.
3. 98% of American teenagers own a cell phone.
4. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

customer text message

Keeping these statistics in mind, one thing is for sure, text messaging for customer support boils down to convenience. Here are the reasons:

Immediate – through texting, customer and company can communicate in real time.

Personal – texting provides a one on one conversation.

Creates a record – texting creates a record which is important for organizing and proof of interaction.

Private – texting is between customer and company representative.

Texting provides faster service – no waiting on hold and the capability to engage with more than one customer at a time with the same question.

Saves number – texting automatically saves the contact number for future use.

No waiting on hold – calling a number and going through options then being put on hold for 30-45 minutes is too frustrating. Who has the time for that? Frustrated, you hang up!

Text message customer support is a win-win. The company gets to keep its customer educated and happy and the customer gets the simple convenience he/she wants and needs.

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