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Discover the Real ROI of a Seamless Text Integrated Live Chat

Everything begins with a single message. After that, your company delivers a very authentic and innovative experience to keep your customers finding their way back. Threaded messages, history, and client context give your company the entire data it requires to understand clients better and assist them.

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Messaging Stats Which Prove Organizations
Must take Texting Seriously

Texting has been in existence for more than 20 years, but it’s only nowadays just hitting its stride with regards to business. Previously merely a method to deliver silly pictures and emoticons (also to some degree, it still is), sending text messages is currently being seen as an effective method for businesses for connecting with their customers. For example, it’s well-known, cost-effective, real-time and flexible. It’s also short, accessible, and can be utilized in any business to fulfill consumers needs.

  • Texting is considered the most widely-used and regularly utilized app on a mobile phone, with 97% of American citizens making use of it at least one time every day. ( Pew Internet)
  • Text messaging has a 98% open rate compared to a mere 20% for an email message. ( Mobile Marketing Watch)
  • Texting comes with a 45% response rate, while email has a 6% response rate. ( Velocify)
  • 90% of all Text messages get read in less than 3 minutes. ( Connect Mogul)
  • On an average, Text messages get read within five seconds. ( SlickText)
  • 77% of customers probably will have a good perception of a business which provides text capability. ( Harris Poll)
  • 64% of customers with messaging capabilities would prefer to use messaging instead of voice for a customer support channel. ( Harris Poll)
  • 1 in 5 consumers is likely to prefer a text message from a business to a telephone call. ( ICMI)
  • More than one-third of company pros say they can’t go 10 minutes without the need of answering a text. ( eWeek)
  • Text chat turns a $6-$20 phone call into a conversation which costs a very little amount of money for each session. ( Forrester & ContactBabel)
  • 75% of consumers want to have offers delivered to them through Texts. ( Digital Marketing Magazine)
  • 44% of customers with messaging capabilities would like to press a button to start a text chat instantly, instead of waiting on hold to talk to an agent. ( Harris Poll)
  • 81% of all customers agree that it's annoying to get stuck just using a telephone or computer to wait for customer support assistance. ( Harris Poll)

Advantages for Clients

With live chat in charge of helping over 35% of internet sales, it’s essential to let your site visitors realize you’re there to support. The Live Support provides an easy but highly effective method of allowing web and App visitors begin a chat with you.

the favorite channel
Focus On Your Texting

The Favorite Channel for Customer Support

Always be active and accessible over the route customers use more often. Attain countless customers utilizing texts each day. Receive & Send Text Messages

no apps
Receive & Send SMS Messages

No Apps, No Downloads, 'Just Texting'

Customers don't wish to download additional apps. They send & receive texts from native text messages, which were already present on their smartphone. Unite Client Support

connect with consumers
Unite Client Support

Connect with Consumers when it Counts Most

Blend focused content using Text features to get to customers when it's more efficient.

Advantages for Businesses

One promising customer support channel "messaging through Texting", is growing to be more valuable than ever before. To discover what consumers would really like most from the customer support text channel.

scale up to
Helps Huge and Thriving Teams

Scale up to Fulfill Needs

52% of consumers would like to text your support specialists. Live Support is a messaging app built to improve your business by assisting you to become more accessible, personable, and unforgettable.

handle business
Monitoring Real-time Visitors & Metrics

Handle Business operations

Providing consumers the choice to utilize their mobile phone's previously installed messaging program is a need to holding their interest and finishing the transaction.

delight your clients
Promptly Reach Clients

Delight Your Clients

Specialists can talk smoothly on iOS, Android, or an internet browser with all customers using their preferred web browser, whether or not the customer selects web-based chat or messaging.

work with everything
Real-Time Client Interactions

Work with Everything Effortlessly

Live Support Text messaging works through connection center operations enhanced for your messaging experience.

enterprise level security
Maximum Security

Enterprise Level Security

Live Support security is critical in every aspect of our platform. We invest to a great extent to safeguard your data and information.

reports to determine
Improve Sales & Conversions

Reports to Determine ROI

Receive a complete view of real-time metrics and gain access to vital KPIs, and dashboards and reports to determine overall performance, and ROI.

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