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Be online and accessible at all times via your client's most used channel - Text Messaging.

The Live Support messaging platform provides a consistent link between businesses and customers along with the customized, trouble-free level of service that the customers expect to have on their mobile devices. Nowadays, customers can communicate with companies from numerous Text access points - Google Ads, Text via in-app messaging, mobile phone and desktop content, and Google My Business. Additionally, Live Support offers many distinct features that make it one of the preferred comprehensive live chat solutions out there.

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The Most Comprehensive Live Chat Software

With live chat in charge of supporting more than 35% of web-based sales, it’s essential to let your visitors know you’re available to help. Live Support provides a smooth but robust method of enabling web and mobile visitors to begin a chat with your business.

sms texting


Deliver a very fantastic client service through text. We have got your back no matter where you or your clients might be.

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redirecting and queueing

Routing & Queuing

Manage large chat volumes better and quicker. Minimize client wait periods and offer enhanced support.

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Offer the appropriate assistance more quickly. Immediately channel new chat requests to specialized divisions.

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reporting analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Live Support analytics concentrate on essential data that is most relevant to your bottom line and profits.

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dynamic chat

Proactive Chat

Send out chat invites proactively or instantly and achieve the capability to request customers to chat dynamically.

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real time monitoring

Real Time Customer Monitoring

Find out who your online visitors are, the place they are from, the way they found you, and how they explore your website.

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consumer surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Monitor your service desk's Client Satisfaction scores in real-time. Manage damage control automatically.

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language translation

Language Translation

Get past communication hurdles. Enable your specialists to communicate in your client's language.

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canned responses

Canned Responses

Improve specialist effectiveness - save your time and maximize efficiency with pre-composed responses.

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Live support chat, customize and build it your way. Maintain your company's branding with chat personalization.

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screen sharing

Screen Sharing

Help your company's website visitors promptly and efficiently throughout sales and tech support.

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manager supervision

Manager Supervision

Utilize supervision to give specialists assistance from a senior specialist - without having to put clients on hold.

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file and document sharing

File Sharing

Send screenshots, guides, catalogs, and other files to your website visitors using an easy drag-and-drop.

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knowledge base

Knowledge Base

Using our FAQ Builder, your specialists can deal with the most challenging inquiries in real-time.

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chat transfer

Transfer Chat

Transfer Chat feature enables you to transfer your ongoing conversation with clients to another specialist/division.

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chat transcript

Chat Transcript

Receive a complete report of chat transcripts and offline messages, and send them as an email to clients.

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Visitor Blocking

Visitor Blocking

Restrict access to unwanted website visitors. Spend additional time supporting clients who require your help urgently.

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click to call specialist

Click to Call Specialist

Empower clients with the ability to call you immediately using the chat widget with customized click-to-call buttons.

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scalable solution

Scalable Solution

Utilize a trusted and competent support service channel, designed to scale and evolve with your business.

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technical assistance

Technical Support

Require assistance with your chat? Our team is always happy to assist you - from the installation of the app to ROI.

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Synchronize and simplify data by combining Live Support with your preferred business apps.

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