Canned Responses

Canned Response
Increase Efficiency using Pre-Composed Responses

Canned Response

In case you frequently answer similar client queries, think about saving those responses as canned responses. It will reduce your response times and save keystrokes on repeated typing. Using canned responses, you type it one time, save it and reuse it in conversations and tickets any time you need.

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eliminate repetitiveness & boost performance

Eliminate Repetitiveness & Boost Performance

If your client’s first language is not English, they’ll be able to type using the one they’re most confident in, and their message will be translated, instantly, into English (or some other language your specialist picks).
standardize share & enhance team power

Standardize, Share & Enhance Team Power

Discover and generate standardized responses for all the frequently asked consumer queries. Keep a reusable database of response templates which will accelerate response times.

quick resolution within your reach

Quick Resolution Within Your Reach

Short codes can help you access canned responses quickly with no need of actually exiting your chat window. Offer assistance that is well-defined, reliable and swift.
Generate Shortcuts to Your Company's Most Frequent Queries

Canned Message Shortcuts

It is easy to set up a shortcut for every canned message created and after that utilize it to call the text during a chat right inside the typing area in your chat console. This shortcut will shorten the time required to choose and deliver the necessary message considerably, thereby enhancing chat effectiveness.

Canned Message Shortcuts
Deliver Canned Messages During Chatting
Deliver Canned Messages During Chatting

Customize your Canned Response

Delivering a canned message is quick and hassle-free. Select the chosen text, and it will show up in your chat box and is all set for sending. Additionally, you'll be able to double-click the message to deliver it immediately. You can edit a chosen message easily in your chat box by including customized elements, which will help you avoid getting too generic and robotic.

Much better Support, Much better Sales

Advantages of Canned Messages

Experience the advantages of Canned Messages. It’s evident why canned responses are needed, but let’s check out how sales teams are utilizing them to be much more productive:

  • Canned responses save your time – At their simplest level of effectiveness, canned responses save your time. It’s not needed to type and retype repeated e-mail communications. Think about the amount of time both you and your sales team members can save with templates prepared in advance.
  • Canned responses save effort – Utilizing canned responses is a simple approach to take a little stress away from your sales team members and make sure a more stress-free close to a hectic sales day.
  • Canned responses could be delivered promptly 24 hours a day – If you send e-mails throughout the day, canned responses are a great way to get them done without interrupting the flow of sales calls. If you get off the phone with a prospect and have a canned response ready to go, you can send it out right after the call and not have to worry about it later.
  • Canned responses are professional and tailored – Since most of the efforts in utilizing canned replies involve preparing e-mail templates in advance, they make it convenient to appear professional in formatting, and they give complete requested details to leads and clients.
Canned Messages

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