Customize & Give it Your Business Branding


Create a chat window that looks at a component of your site with the help of Live Support's customization possibilities. Every section of the chat window can be customized so it works with all of your website's design. It is simple to modify any area of the chat window, both in regards to it's appearance as well as it's behavior.

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Unified Brand Experience

Modify the appearance and the ability of your chat widget to reflect your company’s brand personality. Total control of the color palette enables matchup of the chat widget to your brand’s color scheme.


Brand Voice, In Balance, At all times

Bring your brand’s voice to the live chat widget by personalizing widget title, chat button text, welcome message, and the first chat text. No programming skills needed.


Engagement graphics

All graphics utilized for engaging your prospective customers could be altered to motivate them to begin even more conversations. Engagement graphics that can easily be customized include eye-catchers, tailor-made greeting graphic, and personalized chat buttons.

Generate Shortcuts for your Most Frequent Questions

Versatile Yet Clean And Responsive

Live Support Chat enables you to change the position of your widget. Select from several available choices to see the modification instantly on your website. Chat window text messages could be modified to ensure they are much relevant to your business. For instance, it is easy to customize the chat window label from the generic 'Chat with us' to 'Schedule a demo', to allow the website visitors understand the objective of your chat.

Place a welcoming Face on your Chat Window

Stay Real and Stay Human

Make your customer support a lot more personalized by modifying your specialists' profiles. Besides modifying the name and title of your specialist, you can select their profile photo. Including specialist profile picture enables site visitors to learn about the person with whom they are interacting with.

Ensure That Your Chat Appears Just Like You

Your Business Logo on every Chat Conversation

Experience the advantages of Canned Messages. Display your business logo in the chat window to allow the visitors on your site realize that they are getting in touch with the right people. More trust is highly critical in case you are taking care of transactions or managing crucial details during the chat.

Add An Essential Brand Touch point

Social Media Buttons on Chat

Easily include your company's Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile address inside the settings, and your clients can get to your fan page directly from chat.

Real-time Translation into Numerous languages

Personalize Language

What can be a more enhanced approach to welcome global customers than approaching them in their particular language? The chat window provides translation to numerous languages which allows you welcome both local and global clients using their native languages.

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White label Live Chat

Hide the tiny ‘Powered by Live Support’ text within the chat window to provide a brand-less chatting feel. Provide your clients a genuinely perfect chatting experience.

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