departments direct chats towards
Get Better Usage of Your Company's Operators

Departments Direct Chats towards the Ideal Operators

You can make different chat windows and direct website visitors to specialist groups (departments) instantly depending on the page where they begin chats or let them choose a department themselves. If you'd rather assign website visitors to specialists depending on the data they provide before a conversation starts, then you may set Visitor Triggers that direct chats proactively.

receive support quicker

Receive Support Quicker

Offer clients the ideal communication choices depending on products/departments/issues. Reduce waiting time by connecting them immediately to the experts.

find delays and minimize waiting times

Find Delays and Minimize Waiting Times

Routing chats to departments assist in easing blockage, enhance staffing and handle assistance resources effectively.

refer back

Refer Back, Evaluate & Optimize

Browsing through previous chats is simple. It’s convenient to Segment chat History according to departments. Check back at earlier conversations inside a department, evaluate and find scope for enhancement.

Reduce Resolution Time and Minimize Inconvenient Transfers

Determine Advanced Chat Routing by Department

Live Support can direct your clients efficiently towards the specified departments or specialists according to customers’ existing link, source, routing history and many other system fields. It's also possible to utilize the data captured from your pre-chat survey or custom variables. By doing this, your client is consistently served by the perfect person, at the ideal time.

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determine advanced chat routing by department
advantages of departments
Group Operators By Abilities

Advantages of Departments

  • Distribute authority, work, and responsibility
  • Group team of specialists collectively
  • Maximize effectiveness and quality of Ticket handling
  • Reduce Ticket response and resolution time

Give Priority for Chats, Define Custom Rules

Department Applications

A Department stands for a particular division of your business categorized by product or service, the area of expertise, geographic location or responsibility. A few examples of ways to utilize departments consists of:

  • Specialty - Clients with various kinds of inquiries need to be served by specialists prepared with specific skills.
  • Function - Human Resources, IT, Accounting
  • Product or Service - city bikes, road bikes or,
  • Geographically - US, Europe, Asia

department applications

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