File Sharing

file sharing
Sending Files has become Extremely Simple

File Sharing

Live Support Live Chat helps you to exchange files with website visitors throughout a chat effortlessly. File sharing in live chat makes it possible to boost chat performance and maximize case resolutions.

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real time file sharing

Real-Time File Sharing

A well-known proverb, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is the objective of this feature. Send data files, pictures and presentations during online chat conversations with our file sharing feature.

one click share

One Click Share

Your company’s specialists are also able to share vital details like the prices, company presentations, product documents, screenshots in addition to other files to your clients through a single click.

secure file sharing

Secure File Sharing

File sharing with Live Support is encrypted from end-to-end making sure that only your company and your client can receive and access the file.

One Click Screen Sharing Solution for Today's Assistance Teams

Share Your Screen with Customers

Send files including screenshots, presentations, manuals, online catalogs, as well as other data to your website visitors through a fast drag-and-drop. This action saves your company time and effort to email the files and enhances your chat effectiveness.

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file sharing
Easy Solution to Receive Files

Receive & Share Files with Customers

Your online visitors can now drag and drop files efficiently, which allows them to send you screenshots or documents during conversations effortlessly. This action saves your website visitors from inputting lengthy explanations and enables you to get improved and quicker know-how about whatever your online visitors are hoping to express. Send files including screenshots, presentations, manuals, brochures, or additional data to your customers through a fast drag-and-drop. This feature will save your business from needing to email the files and increases your chat functionality.

Best Approach to Send your Files Via Chat

Don't Restrict Your Company to Text

Experience the advantages of File Sharing with Live Support. Business texting does not need to be robotic. Through audio, screen sharing, GIFs, files, and emojis, you can design a tailored experience.

file sharing

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