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Avoid Losing Time and Resources

Knowledge Base & FAQ

Using our FAQ Builder, your specialists can deal with a lot of complicated tickets in real-time plus your clients can assist themselves. Clients are looking for immediate satisfaction, immediate responses. They don't have time to remain on hold. They've got quick questions that need fast solutions. Offer clients instant access to quickly searchable answers in our FAQ Knowledge Base.

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dont respond to the same question again

Don't Respond to the Same Question Again

Our easy-to-use FAQ Builder gives clear, definite details better than before. Eliminate duplicate queries through a personalized source of searchable answers.

avoid spilling knowledge

Avoid Spilling Knowledge

Prepare, design, seize and distribute information and ascertain its accessibility for future staff. That will help you both to coach new staff and preserve data collected from existing staff.

create faqs without any technical support

Create FAQs Without Any Technical Support

Putting in new articles into the Knowledge Base is easy by utilizing the built-in Q&A template. Format text, markup paragraphs, insert images, add videos and publish articles without contacting your IT department.

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Customized Offline FAQ Portal

Resolve Complex Queries Comfortably

Publish in-depth solutions to frequently asked questions in your company's offline FAQ and provide clients 24/7 entry to a library of help documentation. Share FAQ posts with clients in chats, emails, or text.

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Share Know-how and be sure of its Availability

Discuss Best Practices with your Team

Integrate sales scripts, troubleshooters and training resources with your company's knowledge base and get new employees in control in a short time span of time.

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Give the Perfect Solutions to Your Specialists & Clients Swiftly

Access to Solutions Every time, Everywhere, At any place

Each FAQ article you include is readily available to the clients surfing your website utilizing a full-text article search bar placed in the Knowledge Base.

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