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Get Past Interaction Obstacles

Instant Language Translation

View who your online visitors are, where they are based, the way they found you, and how they explore your website. Real-time visitor monitoring is a fantastic and valuable portion of Provide Support live chat system. Monitoring results will enable you to accumulate information regarding your company's average clients’ demand. Don't miss an opportunity to boost your marketing strategy while increasing your sales by utilizing the monitoring subsystem of our live chat.

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instant translation either way

Instant Translation Either Way

In case your customer’s first language is not English, they would now be able to type in their preferred one, and their message would be translated, immediately, to English (or another language your specialist chooses).

overcome language barriers

Overcome Language Barriers

Your specialist’s response would be automatically translated back, clearing away the language barrier that previously would have held back the sales or might have made product assistance difficult.

find a multi lingual staff right away

Find a Multi-Lingual Staff Right away

The benefits are enormous – having a “multi-lingual” staff, it’s easy to sell to nearly every country across the world, with the awareness that before and after the sales, your specialists will manage to “talk” to your customers in their language.

Invite Visitors to Chat Instantly

Assist Multiple Customer Languages

Build custom-made chat portals for every language your team assists and route international visitors to the specialists who are perfect to assist them.

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Multi Language
Provide Specialists the capability to speak in Any Language

Get Your Specialists to Talk in Client's Language

Standard phone support restricts your pre and post-sales service possibility to the languages your specialists talk fluently. Live Support live chat features a real-time language translator that will help you connect with clients regardless of the language they converse in.

Enhanced Support, Increased Sales

Advantages of Instant Language Translation

Experience the benefits of Instant Language Translation. Integrating Real-time language translation with your live chat solution ensures that you can:

  • Enhance the consumer Journey - No online user wishes an unclear, slow chat while seeking live support. By eliminating possible language barriers, you allow smooth interaction. Thereby providing little disruption to your potential customers and minimum problems in their journey.
  • Offer Universal Service - Client service quality assurance can be challenging when the specialist and client are crossing wires. So, you require real-time translation. By having a multi-lingual communication channel, it's easy to ensure steadiness across client relations.
  • Increase growth - Testing international markets is achievable with live chat translation. Also will be a far-reaching global footprint. In a customer-centric industry where clients demand personalized treatment, global conversations mean worldwide conversions.


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