Proactive Chat

Proactive Chat
Enhance Online Sales using Proactive Chat

Proactive Chat

How frequent do you miss out on sales because your website visitors don't have the details they require to click "Buy"?. Suppose we told you that getting in touch with that client ensures they are three times very likely to make that investment? And reaching out proactively with a chat is smoother than ever before with Live Support Chat.

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personalize experiences

Personalize Experiences

Just like almost anything else in Live Support, you can personalize the way your proactive chat invitations appear and act depending on customer actions. Increase engagement by making a complete distinct range of dynamic chat rules customized for your client, plus the pages they’ve visited.

proactive Invitations

Proactive Invitations

Using Live Support, you select the best time to start a discussion with your website visitors depending on your website volume, website visitor behavior and company needs. Whether your specialists invite website visitors to chat manually or you apply business rules, Live Support puts you in the driver’s seat.

dont ever miss

Don't ever Miss a Lead

Never miss a sale or abandon clients trying to find answers by themselves. That’s the strength of proactive chat, included in every edition of Live Support. It enables you to target a site visitor, begin a conversation at the perfect moment, and grab leads and conversions.

Provide Proactive Support & Drive Conversions

Targeting Critical Website Visitors using Proactive Chat

Never wait for the client to begin the chat. The specialists may take the initiative and proactively connect with your online visitors by sending them pop-up friendly 'invite' text messages. Site visitors can click the message to begin a live chat session. It's also possible to configure the Proactive Chat request to be delivered to each of the site visitors when certain conditions get fulfilled (for instance, following a specified period, or was on a particular link).

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Provide Proactive Support & Drive Conversions
intelligent engagement with proactive chat
Smart Engagement with Proactive Chat

Intelligent Engagement with Proactive Chat

Proactive Chat smartly increases customer engagement to critical online visitors without over-filling specialist capacity. Managers enjoy the simplicity of the single scripting environment for voice, Text, and chat. Administrators appreciate the way specialists can boost the amount of work by handling multiple chats. Consumers enjoy receiving support as it counts.

Convert Extra Leads & Achieve Additional Sales

Advantages of Proactive Chat

Utilize the powers of Proactive Chat. Through Proactive Chat, you receive features such as:

  • Businesses can keep track of site visitors and the pages they are surfing
  • Triggers can be placed, for targeted and behavior-based conversations
  • More clients can get assistance quicker
  • View your progress with in-depth analysis of volume and returns
  • Engage potential customers who might have bounced, if not engaged

pro active chat

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