Real Time Customer Monitoring

real time customer monitoring
Offer Customized Service To Each Client

Real Time Customer Monitering

View who your online visitors are, where they came from, how they discovered you, and how these people surf your website. Real-time visitor monitoring is a highly useful and incredibly productive part of Provide Support live chat system. Tracking results will enable you to collect information regarding your company's average consumers' demand. Do not lose an opportunity to enhance your online strategy and maximize your profits utilizing the monitoring subsystem of our live chat.

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more beneficial customer

More Beneficial Customer Support

Being aware of what pages a customer visited, viewing their membership data or any further information given by the customer before the chat session, enables the support agent to get ready for the conversation and offer a better assistance.

smaller client conversations

Smaller Client Conversations

Increased capability; the ability to access customer’s data helps the chat specialists for quicker help. If there is a precise knowledge of the customer’s question, the specialist can provide a definite answer along with a solution to the consumer’s issue within a short time.

superior proactive engagement

Superior Proactive Engagement

Notifications related to new incoming website visitors, enabled by real-time monitoring, lets the chat specialists deliver proactive invites to those clients directly on the spot. It empowers the specialists to provide a more customized invitation to raise customer happiness.

Invite Website Visitors to Chat Automatically

Encourage Visitors through Targeted Texts

Real-Time Visitor Monitoring lets you monitor website visitors when they browse through your site live. Send your website visitors chat invitations proactively, automatically, or dynamically using rule-based Visitor Triggers. Take client engagement to newer levels by designing conversation invites to particular product pages and customer behaviors. Visitor monitoring can also be the building blocks for proactive chat invites.

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real time customer monitoring
real time customer monitoring
Collect Details About Consumer Demands

Come closer to Your Customers

Real-time live chat app for site visitor tracking on your company website. Live Support allows you to monitor website traffic and review a customer's on-site actions. Customers browse through your website to acquire useful details. The website live chat software discovers consumers' location on your site and begins a chat with these people depending on automatic triggers created by you.

Gather Extra Website Visitor Data

Advantages of Real-Time Monitoring

Utilize the advantages of Real-time Customer Monitoring Chat. Through Real-time Customer Monitoring Chat, you gain benefits such as:

  • Knowing Your Client Before Chatting - Think of a powerfully customized greeting and deal with every question and problem separately
  • Chats That Deliver Results Sooner -  Quicker support chats in their turn convert into lower cost of consumer support
  • More Tailored Engagement - Empower your sales team to send out a more personalized invitation
real time customer monitoring

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