Routing and Queuing

Queuing & Smart Assignment

Automatic Chat Routing & Queuing

Take care of large chat volumes better & quicker. Minimize client wait times & disperse service load equally throughout your company's team. Admit customer chat requests instantly so when your website visitor triggers a chat request, they could be connected promptly to a specialist. This action relieves your specialists from dealing with chats manually, decreases wait times and enables lower queue abandonment.

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route chats to the appropriate specialist

Route Chats to the appropriate Specialist

You can direct site visitors to the appropriate specialists immediately depending on your company’s own pre-defined rules. This feature leads to effective-time management for transferring chats manually and enhances client chat experiences. Bulk upload pre-defined chat rules to get going quickly.

accelerator to boost capabilities

Accelerator to Boost Capabilities

Your company can set various maximum concurrent chat levels for every specialist according to specific capacity and performance. When a specialist gets to their maximum simultaneous chats, no new conversations get added instantly.

broadcast chats all hands assistance

Broadcast Chats: All Hands Assistance

Broadcast and create alerts for incoming chats to every available specialist. Speak to your help team without the knowledge of your customers. Deliver messages to every specialist to inform specialists of critical communications and reminders.

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Chat Queue & Departments

Whenever all specialists in a division reach their maximum figure of concurrent chats, new chat requests directed to this division will go into the chat queue instantly. Once in the line, website visitors wait sequentially till the time a specialist becomes accessible; or maybe if they don’t wish to continue waiting, they'll be able to leave offline text messages alternatively. A chat queue report is available that will help you find out how many queued visitors left text messages and exactly how many have abandoned the queue.

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Add Priority to Chats, Define Custom Rules

Additional Queuing & Routing Features - Auto Chat Assignment

  • Notification to manager when the number of online agents is less than a certain number
  • Most chat specialists can have concurrent
  • Reassign the time before chat if specialist does not answer
  • Capability to reassign specialist chat to another specialist
  • Power for a specialist to pull a chat out of a queue
  • Capability for the client to view their chat queue number

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