Scalable Solution

Scalable Solution
Deliver Scalable Solution to Meet Clients' Unique Needs

Scalable Solution

If you are successfully working with your clients, it's just a matter of time before your business eventually comes across times of accelerated growth. That's an excellent factor, but it can create delays if you're not well-prepared. A massive increase in your business will mean you'll have to serve a lot more clients, which will result in a higher volume of support requests on its way via your customer care pipeline. A good reason Live Support is quite popular among brands is due to its capability to scale with you as your company expands.

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synchronized conversation

Synchronized Conversation

Live Support centralizes chat customer data throughout your organization. Even while chat volume grows, it is easy to give the perfect response, at the perfect time, within the appropriate context.

self service knowledge portal

Self-service Knowledge Portal

Clients more and more choose to discover the solutions themselves instead of getting in touch with support. Enable your customers to assist you to scale through a well-designed FAQ and knowledge base.
extensibility and performance

Extensibility and Performance

Live Support enables a few of the world’s favorite websites, scaling quite well within the cloud. With Live Support, you’ll be able to trust in having the capability to offer high-performance conversation experience effortlessly.
Remain Up-to-Date Through Sales Info

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Access Contact/Lead data through your CRM straight away while you're communicating with your client. Forget about switching between applications. Concentrate better using contextual information.

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Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
Automatic Chat Distribution
Intelligent Live Chat Routing & Queuing

Automatic Chat Distribution

Waiting to get transferred to the right department or browsing the maze of endless menu options might be annoying for clients. Live Support routes chat requests to the correct specialists immediately, depending on the rules you define. Making use of advanced algorithms, Live Support lets you route chats depending on specialist skill groups, or links consumers land up on your website.

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Advanced Reports Functions

Analytics that Count

Become intelligent regarding what's performing - and what's not. Live Support features brilliantly visualizes reports which focus on trends and support you assess efficiency. Using Live Support, managers get access to useful reports that monitor critical metrics, including specialist efficiency, workload, and client satisfaction. Our extensive reports offer vital details which makes the work of support managers easier and it also assists in improving specialist work productivity and comfort.

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Advanced Reports Functions
Boost your Live Chat Productivity and Performance
Boost your Live Chat Productivity and Performance

More Effective

Even reliable phone support specialists are only in a position to support one client at one time; which may result in extensive workforce requirements for big service centers. Through Live Support, Live Chat specialists will be able to multi-task efficiently by managing numerous chats at the same time; enabling fewer specialists to deal with additional service requests. This approach leads to reduced assistance costs that ensure an improved net profit.

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