Screen Sharing

screen sharing
The easiest Way for you to Screenshare with your Clients

Screen Sharing

Live Support enables online sales and consumer support specialists to look at consumers browsing your website smoothly and efficiently. With just a click, you and your team are able to view a pixel-perfect interpretation of the contents your consumer views. Median functions in real-time, which enables you to promptly and efficiently know your consumer's situation and deal with their issue swiftly and effectively.

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view screen with a single click

View Screen with a Single Click

Screenshare in seconds with any customer, irrespective of their web browser or their operating platform. No need to install or setup.

show never explain

Show. Never explain.

Enable your specialists to walk through customers live. Allow your customers share their screens for specialists to offer real-time support.

remote assistance

Remote Assistance

You can view your client desktop screen with just one click. This action helps your clients to grasp things fully. When you direct them on their screen and demonstrate to them the way to get it done, they tend to believe in your business even more.

Enjoy a Better Chat

Do not Restrict Yourself to Texting

Online business messaging do not need to be robotic. With Live Support, you can utilize audio, screen sharing, GIFs, Emoji, and file drops, to develop a personalized experience for your customers. With audio, video messages, GIFs, files, and emojis, you can create a customized experience.

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screen sharing
screen sharing
Connect With Your Clients In Greater Comfort

Take Customers through Your company's Product or Site

Screen sharing allows you to take customers through your product or site both quickly and with ease. This swiftness prevents prolonged answers when explaining to your online visitors about what they're interested in consuming.

Screen Sharing - Everything You See, Your Customers See

Advantages of Screen Sharing

And that’s one particular situation, of course. Regardless of the number of specialists in your team, screen sharing is beneficial in numerous ways:

  • Improve Online Meetings - Rather than emailing a copy of your PowerPoint to each participant, or dropping a file inside the web client wishing they’ll all open and stay with you on the right page. Users can manage their presentation themselves on their desktop using screen sharing.
  • Detailed Product Demos - Instead of depending on generic canned replies to customer queries, just demonstrate to them. Screen sharing will enable your specialists to go hands-on and positively flaunt the strength of the possibilities of your platform.
  • Remote Training and Advice - In case a customer is unclear about how to use a specific feature or has been facing an issue in any way, screen sharing operates on both ends by taking out the speculation. Customers can demonstrate to specialists with clarity on what exactly is causing the trouble, and specialists can instruct customers precisely on what to do.
screen sharing

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