Transfer Chat

Transfer Chat
Make Specialists Assist Each Other While Chatting

Transfer Chat

Live Support specialists possess a unique ability to assist each other when chatting with clients. They'll be able to utilize transfers and supervision when they require the help of a better-skilled specialist. The same set of tools could also be used to prepare new specialists. All of that without having to put your clients on hold!

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transfer to a particular specialist

Transfer to a Particular Specialist

Transfer Chat feature lets you transfer your specialist’s ongoing chat to some other specialist. Utilize this feature for redirecting a client to the manager, or a staff member, with an increased specialized understanding of a subject.

transfer to a Department

Transfer to a Department

Transfer Chat feature enables you to transfer your ongoing chat to another department. This feature is ideal for scenarios in which a client asks a question or a request that cannot be answered by the existing service team.

chat transfers are instant

Chat Transfers are Instant

Chat transfers are prompt, so from a client’s viewpoint, there is no lag time, which leads to customer happiness whenever they see their matter getting solved speedily.

Hidden to Client, Priceless to the Specialist

Chats could be Supervised in Real-time by Managers

Any ongoing chat could be supervised in real-time by specialists belonging to the same group. This feature gives senior staffs the opportunity to mentor and train newbies. Additionally, the supervisor can type tips to the specialist, that remains hidden to clients. With this, new specialists can practice managing customers in actual consumer support conditions by having an expert accessible each time a challenging question shows up.

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whispering supervising
chat transfers bubbles
Find the Perfect Solutions to Your Specialists & Clients Faster

Transfer Conversations Using One Click

Specialists will be able to transfer complete chats with only a couple of clicks. Then, the recipient will be able to immediately follow-up on the matter and respond within a few moments. It is easy to transfer the chat either to a particular agent or a specific team. Utilize the first option whenever you want to move the conversation to a skilled specialist and the second option when you wish to transfer the scenario to an entirely new department.

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