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Since implementing LiveSupport chat and texting, our conversions have increased and our cart abandonment rate has gone down.

Jennifer Conly

We now get more customers during the sales process, and less emails through out ticketing software.

Ryan Locklin

Since our product is such a large purchase, the texting option allows our customers ongoing conversations with our agents and really makes them comfortable and confident in their purchase.

Evan Palopus

Our company has been working with chat software on our website for many years, but since working with Live Support chat and texting, our conversion rates have gone up, and our cart abandonment rate went down. I knew everybody was text messaging, but I had no idea about how much my clients wished to text with our customer service.

Jennifer Conly

My customer care team is pleased with LiveSupport.com! We currently acquire more clients through the sales process and fewer emails through the ticketing software. Making my customers satisfied is equally crucial to keeping my Customer Care team delighted!

Ryan Locklin

Strongly Recommended! Seeing that our product is such a big purchase decision, the messaging option allows our consumers’ continuous chats with our specialists and also ensure that they are comfortable and assured of their purchase. Many thanks again!

Ryan Palopus

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